❔Do I get to keep the programme?

As the Programme is live and Cohort based, after completing the 9 weeks, you will move onto ongoing, more advanced classes for maintenance. You can purchase this at Week 7 in the 9 Week Programme.

❔What if I miss a day?

Don't worry! You can catch up the next day. All that we ask is that you complete all 4 classes within the week before the following weeks classes roll out.

❔Can I do them at a time that suits me?

Yes, you can do them at your convenience. Classes are sent Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday at 6am and need to be completed within the week.

❔I'm going on holiday in the middle of the programme?

You can pause the programme and resume when you return. Just let us know via email that you will be be absent and when we can expect you back!

❔Is it suitable for me?

Goodnick is tailored for beginners and intermediates over 60. If you are unsure simply trial our first week to see if it's right for you.

❔What happens after the 9 weeks?

You will be invited to be part of our year-round mainstream Goodnick club, which continues to progress your training at a higher level.

❔What positions are the classes in/do I have to get on the floor?

Classes involve standing, seated, and floor-based exercises. Some floor exercises are included, so some ability to do so is required. We are also on hand to help you ammend anything that you need.

❔What level are the classes at?

The programme begins at a beginner level and progresses step by step each week, finishing on an intermediate level of strength & fitness

❔Do I need any equipment?

No special equipment is needed. Instead, all that is required is some simple household items like water bottles, pillows, and cans of beans!