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It takes just 10 minutes a day over 3 days to discover how you can stay strong & fit

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The start of a healthier you

Jane can now go swimming with her grandkids

Biggest impact:'My flexibility & mobility

Gloria goes walking in the highlands without pain or getting out of breath

Biggest impact: 'My strength & stamina'

Mary loves to do gardening now - it's no longer a chore

Biggest impact: 'My confidence & flexibility

Inspiring transformations

Tracy's story:

Tracy was feeling the effects of ageing, and wasn't able to be as active as she used to be.

She knew her strength was declining, but didn't know where to start.

After she completed the 3 Day Challenge, she felt an immediate improvement in her strength & knew exactly how to fix it.

Now she can finally play with her grandkids like she's always wanted to!

What can I improve in 3 days?

Balance & Flexibility

You'll Notice: It's easier to stand up and be mobile, with less need to hold onto things


You'll Notice: Picking up the groceries is easy, with more range of motion to your movements

Fitness & Stamina

You'll Notice: Keeping up with the grandkids is starting to get easier, they'll be trying to catch you instead!'

Why Our Muscles Matter

Most of us lose 30% of our muscle mass between ages 50 and 70 - and that’s a problem. This can result in premature ageing, chronic disease, low energy, weakened bones and fatigue. By doing the correct amount of strength exercise each week you can offset this risk.

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Let's Age Smarter, Not Faster

We've created a 3-day challenge designed by experts in healthy ageing. 

This is especially useful for women who:

✔ Want gentle exercises designed for women over 60

✔ Don't want to travel to a gym or use repetitive Youtube videos

✔ Want someone to keep them accountable & motivated

✔ Want less aches and pains so they can enjoy life to the full

10 minutes a day in the comfort and privacy of your own home is

all it takes The entire challenge is completed at a time THAT SUITS YOU


“Emma makes it so easy to stay fit, strong and motivated and the bonus is I’ve also boosted my energy levels.”

- Jane, 63 years young

The 3 Day Age Smarter Challenge includes:

3-day exercise programme designed by leading health experts and backed by scientific research.

Each day, complete a simple 10-minute exercise class. This can be done in privacy at home, without any special equipment, at whatever time you choose.

We hold you accountable at every step, ensuring you complete the 3 days and maximise your results for healthy ageing.

BONUS: We'll deliver the class to your inbox each morning, so you can take it at a time that suits you

PLUS: No complicated apps or gadgets...and definitely no photos, weigh-ins, or travel time

Join The FREE 3-Day Challenge NOW

No credit card is required. Your information is encrypted & protected.

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"Well explained, good pace, plenty of variety in exercises. Just do it!" ”

-- Deborah, 67 years young

Goodnick is led by experts in Fitness & Healthy Ageing

Emma Goodman Horne

Head Coach

Guiding you though the 9 weeks will be our award winning Head Coach, Emma. She has helped 100s of women over 60 get fitter & stronger with her down to earth, fun and simple approach.

Robert McAvoy

Head of Programme

One of the UK's leading Strength & Conditioning coaches, Robert has trained Bafta-award winning actors, coached Olympic athletes and knows how to create world-class workout programmes which get real results.

Dr. Stefanie Williams

Behavioral scientist

Dr Stefanie Williams is a Chartered Psychologist and Behavioural Change expert, with over 14 years of experience in the field of physical activity

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